Trade your cards in

How to trade your cards in

To make it easier to trade your cards in you can send us a buylist of cards for us to check over before bringing them into the store.

Please note, at the moment we only want you to submit a buylist if you are local enough to bring your cards into the store, please don't post any cards to us.

How to use the buylist

Log into your account

  • Select the game you want to add cards from (you can put Pokemon and Magic cards on the same buylist)

  • Select 'Prices shown in store credit', we don't give cash for cards at the moment

  • Start selecting the cards you want to trade in. You can search by card set.

  • Send the buylist off when you're done, we'll look over the cards and let you know which ones we want to take.

  • Bring your cards in for a visual inspection and we can complete the trade in

Start trading in cards right here!