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BASH Winter Lockdown Plans

BASH Winter Lockdown Plans

So we're heading back into another national lockdown. This was something that was entirely preventable but as things stand is right thing to do.

Our first reaction when we heard the news late on Friday night was 'thank God'. It may come as a surprise that we would want something so potentially detrimental to the store, but public health must come first. We could see the predictions for the winter getting grimmer and the local restrictions were becoming tougher to navigate. Ultimately we want our community to stay happy and healthy.

The difference between this lockdown and the previous one is that we're much better prepared for what to expect. The one over spring was terrifying and if we are being honest thought it would be the end for the store.

The one thing that helped us through was the stunning support from the local gaming community. We will be forever grateful of how you all embraced the various initiatives we put in place; the painting competition, the virtual pay to plays, the online events etc.

We are going to do similar things to help you make it through this lockdown and we have already announced our BASH Brush Fiends painting challenge. Check out all the details on our Facebook group here ->

If you would like to pay a virtual table fee as a way of contributing to the store you can do that right here -> We'll be doing a prize draw for everyone who buys a Pay to Play of a fully painted Ghazghkull Thraka or a £100 gift card!.

So, down to the nitty gritty of this new lockdown.

From 00:01 on Thursday 5th November you won't be able to shop in store or use the gaming tables. We will be offering a click and collect service during the following times:

  • Weekdays - 5pm-8pm
  • Weekends - 12pm-4pm

If you would prefer that we post items out we will still be able to that too. Any order placed before 1pm will be packed and dispatched the same day. You can trigger free postage with all orders over £75.

The lockdown is scheduled to last until 2nd December, that's provided that the national situation is in a better state. Once the lockdown has lifted local restrictions will come into play depending on the numbers locally, so we have no idea yet what that will look like.

We will still be here after the lockdown so make sure you all stay safe and well.

The BASH team

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