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    We're a regional championships venue!

    We're a regional championships venue!

    We're really pleased to announce that we've been chosen to hold upcoming regional championship events for both Netrunner and A Game of Thrones The Card Game.

    The events will be held on the following dates

    Netrunner - 21st July tickets here

    A Game of Thrones - 22nd July tickets here

    We'll be making the most of all the space that we have at the store to create a memorable experience for everyone taking part, as well as offering an accessible venue so that even more players can feel comfortable taking part in a large event.

    May X-Wing Event Roundup

    May X-Wing Event Roundup

    Our May monthly X-Wing tournament saw some new faces arrive at the store to battle it out with some of our regulars.

    Craig Reed, running OPQ, took first place, from Ashok Hemmings who was running Nym Miranda.

    Third and fourth place was taken by John Whall De-Leuw and Markus Wilson, running Raclo and Nym Sol respectively.

    We want to say a big thank you to Ashok for being TO, and to everyone who took part and travelled over to our place.

    The full standings are below, along with some photos from the day!


    May X-Wing standings


    A special guest for our grand opening

    A special guest for our grand opening

    Our grand opening is fast approaching, and we'd like to introduce a very special guest who will be joining us for the day.

    Andy Hobday, co-creator of the award-winning game Test of Honour, will be at Boards and Swords Hobbies to demo his brand new game Gangs of Rome.

    Inspired by the history of the great city, Gangs of Rome takes place in the shadows of the Empire where the heads of ambitious houses have gathered fighters forged hard by the streets to do their bidding and enact their schemes.

    Gangs of Rome logo

    As a Dominus, the head of a house of Rome, you will seek out the most brutal of Romes criminal denizens, plying them with the promise of wealth and glory should they aid you in your plan to rise to the Senate of Rome and cast down all enemies before you.

    Andy will be on hand to take you through the game-play mechanics and show off what a typical game is like. He probably wouldn't say no to a quick game of Test of Honour either!

    Join us from 10 am on Saturday 20th January for our grand opening. More details can be found at our Facebook event.


    Big news, we're opening a store!

    Big news, we're opening a store!

    We've been exploring the idea for a while, but now we can confirm we'll be opening an actual gaming venue/store in the new year. 

    Because of this we'll be making a few changes, the biggest one is that we'll be rebranding to Boards and Swords Hobbies. Over the next few weeks we'll make these changes, so don't be alarmed when it happens!

    The place will be in Derby in the UK, but we'll still have our online store where you can buy miniatures, card games and board games. We'll also be bringing our card game subscription boxes into the Boards and Swords name, which is really exciting!

    We hope you'll continue to support us, and if you're nearby we hope you'll come and visit us to play some games!

    Ian and Rob