Vale of Ghyran

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Ghyran burgeons with all forms of life, from the most massive gighemoth to the tiniest parasitic spore. Known as the Jade Kingdoms, the realm’s people wildly in form and temperament. The endless cycle of life drew the eye of Nurgle, whose forces spread their foul taint across the realm during the Age of Chaos.

This set of plastic scenery allows you to recreate some of the verdant forests of Ghyran, the Realm of Life, on your gaming table. These are perfect for use when playing Warhammer Age of Sigmar games using Ghyran’s Realm of Battle rules, providing cover and breaking up line of sight – or they can simply be used to make your gaming table that little bit more atmospheric.

It contains 4 Citadel Wood sets – each of these is made up of 70 plastic components, which assemble 3 trees on a scenic base. A huge variety of branches and foliage is supplied in these sets – no 2 trees need look alike!