Underhive Badzone Delta-7

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This collection of double-sided board tiles expands and changes your games of Necromunda: Underhive by adding new, atmospheric places to fight – and new rules, which can be found in the Gang War 2 supplement (including adaptations for Sector Mechanicus battles). 9 tiles are included, exactly the same size as the tiles found in the Necromunda: Underhive boxed game, and the hazards upon them include:

- Cult Ritual Chamber: a hidden shrine to the Ruinous Powers that can drive a man insane;
- Collapsed Sections: these feature large pitfalls, and the shifting floors are easily affected by blasts;
- Archaeotech Device: a functional, mysterious device from centuries ago – press the button and see what happens;
- Furnace Floor: this gives off such violent heat that it can affect ranged attack;
- Ventilation Tunnel: a huge fan whose turbulent currents can drag gangers to their doom;
- Malfunctioning Generatorium: abandoned electrical machinery that can deliver a devastating shock;
- Sludge Farm: massive vats of ‘biological run-off’ which unwary gangers can fall into;
- Flooded Passage: injured gangers can find it hard to keep their head above the water;
- Sewage Channel: a dangerously fast-flowing stream of mycoprotein;
- Promethium Cache: fuel spills, barrels and tanks that can be detonated by a wayward shot;
- Unlit Corridors: their darkness obscures gangers, making ranged attacks more difficult;
- Secure Vault: extremely tough and hard to get into;
- Fungus Sprawl: not only does this fungus provide illumination, it boasts incredibly poisonous spores;
- Waste Compactor: it’s possible to climb out of this compactor – assuming nobody switches it on…
- Xenos Nesting Chamber: filled with egg sacs that can burst open with xenos hatchlings at any time.