The Time of Inadequate Lighting II - MeG event

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Mortem et Gloriam Dark Age tournament returns.

19th - 20th March 2022

9:30 arrival for 10am start each day

Boards and Swords Hobbies
3 Jubilee Parkway, Stores Road
Derby, DE21 4BJ (Next to Yesss Electrical)

10000 points Maximus Mortem et Gloriam ‘Dark Ages’ competition. 15mm

List Dates: Usurpation of Romulus Augustus (4th September 476) until Battle of Manzikert (26th August 1071)

All lists and allies included in lists must also come from within this timescale and period too.

10000 points with 4 games.

Food included, please let us know if you have any dietary requirements


Lists to the absolute gentleman who is Will Denham: