The Army Painter Mega Paint Set

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INCREDIBLE Set of 50 Meticulously Selected Paints for Models and Miniatures - The Perfect Warpaints Range for Beginners and Enthusiasts Wargame Painters - Plus a FREE Durable Regiment Detailing Paint Brush!

The Army Painter Mega Paint Set 3 is a complete package with all the colours you will ever need for painting your armies of Warhammer 40k figures, military models, board game figures, Dungeons and Dragons, and other wargame miniatures.

39 Acrylic Paints with strong pigment and creamy consistency, perfect for painting highly detailed miniatures. You can easily apply them into the creases and nooks of mini figures. These acrylic paints won't chunk on you!

5 Metallics that are well-known for their high-concentration of metallic flakes and superb coverage and 4 Quickshade Washes - This miniature and Warhammer 40k paint set comes with 4 of the famous Quickshade washes: Strong Tone, Dark Tone, Soft Tone and Flesh Wash.

2 Effects Paints with realistic colours - The Effects Paints will shade your model paint miniatures flawlessly and still let the colours come through. The GLISTENING BLOOD is a glossy paint for blood or gore. The DRY RUST is stapled on metal areas for that orangey-red brownish rust effect.

Includes a Detail Paint Brush Handmade in Europe - To make this Mega Paint Set 3 a real bang for the buck, a Rotmarder sable paint brush is added. The well-designed triangulated handle allows for a comfortable and non slip grip that makes your miniatures painting even more exciting and satisfying

Wargamer Painting Guide - A comprehensive guide that features The Army Painter "Spray, Paint and Dip" technique. It's packed with many details, tips and tricks useful for both veteran and beginners.