Test of Honour Dojo assault

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The renowned sword-master Kazmiizumi-kanchou stands to protect his home and legacy against a wave of deadly and skilled Ninja!


The Dojo is styled with a traditional look, sliding door panels and a large open floor meant for training and sparring! But today, blood will be shed as the sword-master aims to get rid of the intruders by any means necessary. The dojo has the following dimensions:

Width: 220mm Length: 205mm Height: 150mm

The Ninja have come fully prepared for dealing with this tenacious adversary. Armed with ninjato, kamas, sais, throwing knives, tekko-kagi, even shuriken and a grappling hook! They'll do anything to achieve their goal...

Capture that iconic movie scene with this quick and easy bundle, it contains:

  • 1 MDF Dojo, fully detailed with moveable doors and removable roof.
  • 1 metal Samurai sword-master Kazmiizumi-kanchou.
  • 7 Metal Ninja armed with various weaponry.
  • 1 rules expansion booklet - Darkness & Deceit
  • Gameplay cards for the Teacher and Ninja
  • 2 MDF Lanterns.
  • 1 Sword Measuring device.