Race For Gasoline Mission Pack

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With "Race for Gasoline" the first mission set for 1-48 has been released. It contains everything you need to play the missions in the book.

This mission set contains the unique character miniature Helmut Götz, a corporal from the 26th Volksgrenadier Division, including his double-sided stat card. This miniature cannot be bought individually.

  • 2x special metal figures of a German soldier running with a jerrycan with 25mm round plastic base.
  • 3x fuel dump models (each 80x40mm).
  • 2x US jerrycan sticks (12 jerrycans).
  • 8x 36mm high numbered dummy markers (black acrylic) with 25mm round plastic base.
  • 8x numbered tokens.
  • 1x scenario rules booklet (120x180mm full colour 20 pages)