Obscenity: A Shameless Adult Party Game

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Obscenity is a shameless adult party game where you play in teams against the clock to describe or act out as many dirty phrases as you can without repeating any of the words on the cards.

It's a simple, fast-paced game which will make you laugh so hard it's quite possible a little bit of wee will come out.

The game contains 924 naughty words and phrases, many of which you should already know. Your less innocent friends and / or the power of the internet will help you to discover the meanings of the rest.

Each box of Obscenity includes 308 cards, a 60 second sand timer and game rules.

Obscenity can also be played as a drinking game and the drinking rules are included with the game.

Due to the naughty nature of the game, we recommend that it's played by people who are 17+ years of age.