Mordanburg Damaged Dwellings 1

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This kit allows you to make 4 damaged sections of buildings that can be used to make between 2 to 4 damaged buildings on your table top.

Mordanburg is a mighty, mercantile port city, within its walls can be found dozens of wards and each of these should be honestly managed and marshalled by a local noteworthy known as either the ‘Wardmaster’ or ‘Wardrif’.  In a city of so many different faces and races it is to be expected that almost every ward has a character all its own. From uptown wards where a newcomer is more likely to make a fortune to dockside slums where a stranger is more likely to lose their life.

Possibly the most dangerous of all the wards within Mordanburg is ‘Portsoken’.  It has been nearly seven years since half this ward was blighted by fire and now that part of this luckless ward is inhabited by the worst scum and malafoi of the City.  Such a multitude of thugs and cultists abound in this place, that many believe the Wardrif of Portsoken to be their master rather than their foe.  Ranging far throughout the city to pray upon the good folk of other wards, it is well known that gangs such as the ‘Hawkubites’ and the ‘Mohoks’ make their homes in these damaged and derelict buildings!  

These vile dangerous gangs bring their stolen goods to this gods-forsaken place and it is here they then fence them on to new owners prepared to pay their worth!  Hired to look for such stolen valuables, only the hardiest of adventurers search and sift through the scorched remains of Portsoken.   Among many of the taverns and gin pits throughout Mordanburg, there is a rumour that the fire was started by an outside agent, a rumour so persistent that the Patrician has now taken an interest!