Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Lite Edition

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The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game is your gateway to a world of magic and wonder. In this board game, you will be able to relive the adventures of your favourite characters from the Harry Potter cinematic series. Will you do battle against the forces of the Dark Lord? Or will you help Voldemort achieve his goals and destroy Harry Potter and his meddling friends? The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game is easy to learn, but difficult to master, and you'll want to return again and again to unleash new characters and abilities and perfect your strategies.

The popular Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game core game box is available to order again! And what's more, our very own Factory Wizards have been labouring night and day to make the game components better than ever! The finely detailed miniatures are now cast in our new, flexible resin, making their assembly easier than ever for newcomers to the hobby. The tokens, cards and boards are all produced on high-quality card stock to enhance the gaming experience.

Immerse yourself in J. K. Rowling's Wizarding World like never before...

The Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Lite Edition - English contains:

3x Double-Sided Gameboards
9x Character Cards
10x Potion Cards
10x Artefact Cards
40x Adventure Cards
100x Double-Side Tokens
25x Campaign Cards
20x Spell Cards
2x Quest Decks
16x Event Cards
1x Rulebook
6x Dice
4x Cooperative Cards
Please note:

Printed Materials are supplied in English.
The Lite Edition does not include any miniatures.