Hac Tao Special Unit (Hacker / HMG)

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Hac Tao Special Unit (Hacker / HMG) Information
The name of the Hac Tao Special Intervention Unit can be translated as "Black Magic", and refers to the camouflage and thermal emission dampener technologies of their armours.

Brave, lethal and trustworthy, Hac Tao are known to tread very lightly and hit very hard. The function of this well-trained unit is usually enemy interdiction, with a focus on dealing the maximum amount of damage with their actions. Hac Tao are specifically equipped to carry out Harassment and Elimination missions, but can also provide support in broad-scope special operations, and collateral activities that include Direct Action, internal defence, and combat Search and Rescue operations. The leitmotif of the Hac Tao Special Unit, their fighting philosophy, is extracted from Sun Tze's The Art of War:

Be subtle to the point of formlessness.

Be mysterious to the point of soundlessness.

Thereby you will be master of your opponent's fate.


1x Hac Tao with HMG
1x Hac Tao Hacker
Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.