Escape the Dark Castle Adventure Pack 2: Scourge of the Undead Queen

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Gorging on the castle’s unending supply of tortured souls, the Undead Queen calls to her service the corpses, skeletons, and spirits of the depths. If a prisoner should fall at the hands of her inexhaustible armies, all that awaits is an eternity of agonising undeath…

This expansion for Escape the Dark Castle includes:

  • 1 New Boss: The Undead Queen, a foul necromancer bent on enslaving your soul

  • 15 New Chapters: The Undead Queen’s terrifying forces, and new castle locations 

  • 3 Companion Characters: Vital allies to accompany you and aid in your escape 

  • 3 Companion Trigger Cards: Event cards which signify the arrival of a Companion

  • 3 Companion Dice: Used to carry out Companion actions and special abilities

  • 2 New Items: Each a powerful relic for the prisoners to discover 

  • 1 New Item Dice: Used to apply the powers of a relic

New Mechanic
This Adventure Pack introduces a new mechanic to the system - Companions. These characters can appear during a quest and join-up with the prisoners to assist in their escape. Fans of roleplaying games will know them by the term NPCs (non-player characters). Players will now encounter event cards in the item deck which trigger the arrival of one of the Companions. Each Companion has a unique mixture of traits and a special ability. They are powerful allies but their presence may be fleeting, so prisoners must choose carefully how and when to call on them. 

A copy of Escape the Dark Castle is required to use this expansion.