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(*This unpainted ship does not include flags or sails. Some assembly required.)

  • 1 12×4.5” Plastic Resin Hull (28mm scale)
  • 11 Wooden dowel for Masts & Spars
  • 4 Yards of Elastic for Rigging
  • 4 White Metal Light Cannons on Carriages
  • 4 White Metal Light Cannon Barrels for Gunports
  • 6 White Metal Swivel Guns
  • 17 White Metal Assorted Rigging Parts
  • 8 White Metal Gunport Covers
  • 1 Game Card

Brigantine: Quick, sturdy and well-armed, the brigantine is suited to handle nearly any situation. This ship’s shallow draft and mixed rig configuration gives it a versatility which made it very popular among Pirate and Privateer crews.