Beyond Red Veil

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Beyond Red Veil Expansion Pack Information
"In the commercial area of the Neon Lotus Orbital Station, Yu Jing and Haqqislam spec ops teams fight for data that could reveal a covert operation to manipulate and subvert the financial markets of the Sphere."

This expansion set extends the Haqqislam and Yu Jing army lists of the Operation: Red Veil Battle Pack. Increasing each faction up to a completely playable 300 point army list.

This set contains

Yu Jing:
1x Daofei (HMG)
1x Zhanying Imperial Agent (Breaker Combi Rifle)
1x Guilang Skirmisher (MULTI Sniper Rifle)
1x Tarik Mansuri (Spitfire)
1x Hassassin Fiday (DA CCW)
1x Hassassin Ragik (Boarding Shotgun)
1x CSU (Breaker Rifle) - Pre order exclusive.