Beyond Icestorm

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Beyond Icestorm Expansion Pack Information
“In the frozen plains of Svalarheima, Nomads and PanOceanian black ops teams fight for the technological secrets hidden in the Moto.tronica R&D facility.”

This expansion set extends the PanOceania and Nomads army lists of the Operation: Icestorm Battle Pack. Increasing each faction up to a completely playable 300 point army list.

This set contains

1x Kamau, Amphibious Intervention Teams (HMG)
1x Swiss Guard (HMG)
1x NeoTerra Bolts (Paramedic)
1x Hellcats (Spitfire)
1x Intruder, Corregidor Assault Commandos (MULTI Sniper Rifle)
1x Kriza Boracs, Tunguska Crisis Special Unit (MK12)
1x Authorized Bounty Hunter (2 Breaker Pistols) - Pre order exclusive.