Batman Miniature Game Rulebook 2nd Ed

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Gotham City: dark and dangerous, a crime-riddled urban landscape, a nightmare made of stone and steel. It is home to some of the most evil, brutal and twisted minds in the world – men and women who would bring anarchy and chaos to the streets, and bring fear and death to the powerless. Yet Gotham’s twisted spires and labyrinthine alleys are not ruled by this criminal underworld – not yet. When night falls on the city, the sworn protector of Gotham takes to the streets – the Batman – all that stands between the city and the endless darkness.

The Batman Miniature Game is a strategic, tabletop game for two or more players. Gather a crew of detailed miniatures, with which to recreate the greatest battles of the Dark Knight Detective, and weave your own tales of heroism and villainy, set against the gothic backdrop of Gotham. Side with the Batman, the GCPD, the manic Joker, the League of Shadows, or any number of nefarious lunatics and crime-lords from Gotham’s dark underbelly.

This book provides all of the rules you need to fight battles between Batman and his foes and a showcase of exquisitely painted miniatures.