ArcWorlde - Battle for Troll Bridge

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"News of Bayourks plaguing the Hobbleshire town of Milwood summon a garrisoned Albionnican war band accompanied by the local Halfling Militia. They find the villainous Bayourk tribe taking residence upon the infamous Troll Bridge, spoiling for a fight. However, Old Grogg, the largest River Troll ever seen, emerges from beneath, and he is not happy that his slumber has been disturbed..."

Box Contents

Five Albionnican Empire miniatures - Captain Flynt, a Halberdier Trooper, two Crossbow Troopers and a Lowlander.

Six Halfling miniatures - Captain Bullhoof, one Spear Militia, one Sword Militia and three Rangers.

Five Bayourk miniatures - "Mad-Eye" Muldoon, three Boglins and a Brew Boy.

Old Grogg the River Troll.

10 Arcworlde Dice and 10 Arcanite Tokens

A booklet containing quickstart rules, background, stats for the new units and characters, and a number of fun scenarios to play

With four playable forces, the Battle for Troll Bridge Box Set will be the perfect way to introduce your friends to the wondrous realm of ArcWorlde.