Adventurer Allies - Elder Scrolls Call To Arms

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5 x 32mm scale high quality multi-part resin, with scenic bases
  • 1 X Lydia, Dragonsreach Housecarl
  • 1 X Kharjo, Caravan Guard
  • 1 X Orc Barbarian With 2-Handed Axe
  • 1x Khajiit Bandit With Sword And Knife
  • 1x Breton Ranger With Bow
  • 5 X Scenic Bases
Fight for Skyrim, for wealth, glory, and fame with this expansion to your Adventurer forces. LYDIA supports her thane with sword and shield while honourable KHARJO repays his debt for the protection of his kin. The ORC BARBARIAN charge into battle at your side as the lithe KHAJIIT BANDIT pounces forward for the kill – all the while support from afar by the BRETON RANGER.