Peer Kröger Bio [World Championship Decks 2003]

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Set: World Championship Decks 2003
Type: Card
Rarity: Common
Hometown hero Peer Kröger played his own version of the classic "Reanimator" deck to an impressive record during this year's World Championships. The twenty-eight-year-old communications and computer science student nicknamed his deck "Herbert Wise" after the famous H. P. Lovecraft work "Herbert Wise—Reanimator." Winning with this deck is a two-step process: Step 1. Use Entomb or Buried Alive to quickly get daunting creatures into the graveyard. Step 2. Bring the creature back to life with Zombify or Doomed Necromancer. The mostly black deck also uses Burning Wish to find just the right answers to deal with opponents' plans.