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Monarch Prerelease Event Pack

All the information you need to take part in the Flesh and Blood Monarch prerelease.

The event is taking place as an online webcam event on Sunday 2nd May, starting at 7pm.

Event format

  • Prerelease kits can be picked up from 5pm 30/04 onwards. Packs cannot be opened until the event officially starts.
  • You will get 6 booster packs to build a 30 card deck minimum
  • Each player will get 2 promo cards when they pick up the packs for the event. These can be used in your deck.
  • 30 mins to build your deck
  • 4 rounds of 35 mins, best of 1
  • 2 playmats will be available as prize support. A playmat will go to the winner  and the other will be raffled off between the other participants.

Normally when playing a sealed event there will be a pool of heroes, weapons and tokens for players to use. As this is an online event you can use proxies for these.

Link to the available tokens here ->

Further details and webcam tips

You can join the event here -> You will need to have access to this before and after your games to check the pairings and to report scores.

We will be using the Boards and Swords Discord server. You can join the server here Please join the Flesh and Blood 'FAB-Lobby' by 7pm.

As minimum you can use the Discord smartphone app and use your phone as a webcam. You will need to be able to position to show a top down view of your play area.

We recommend using something like a phone holder arm bracket which you can attach to a table or desk. If you want to purchase one this is one that we can suggest

Useful links