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Covid-19 update - News on us re-opening
Covid-19 update - News on us re-opening

Zendikar Rising Prerelease events

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It's been a while, but in store prerelease events are back!

These events are subject to the Covid-19 guidelines remaining the same or relaxing. Any tightening of guidelines or a local/UK lockdown would mean the events would be cancelled and prerelease kits would then be available for collection.

To safely run these events we will be operating the following in store guidelines

  • Events will be capped at 8 players.
  • Players will be put into pods of 4 for the event.
  • Face masks must be worn to enter the store and be on at all times during the event. You will be able to temporarily remove them to eat or drink.
  • No touching your opponents cards or cutting their deck.
  • Hands must be washed or sanitised before every game.
  • If you can bring your own lands. We will have some available but it would be safer to use your own if have them.
  • We will also be using Wizards Eventlink to run the events, if you can get the Magic Companion app installed on your phone to use during the event.

Prerelease events are your first chance to play with cards from the new set. We will be running a number of events between 18th and 24th September.

Cost of the event is £25 which gets you a prerelease kit with 6 boosters, a stamped card and a spin down dice. There will also be extra booster packs as prizes and everyone will get at least one booster pack for taking part.

Full booster boxes for Zendikar Rising can be collected during this prerelease window.