Thirty Years - 26th & 27th November 2022 - Renatio et Gloriam (La Rinascita) - 1620 - 1650

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Renatio et Gloriam Rules, using all 2022 updates.
£30 per player, includes complimentary hot drink each morning on arrival and pizza lunch.
All armies should be painted to a reasonable standard, there will be a prize for the best painted too.
1620 - 1650 event.
9000 points. Thirty Years and Three Kingdoms pdf lists. Allies must be drawn from either of the 2 PDF’s too.
How to find us
It can be a little tricky to find us if you're visiting for the first time. We're in the unit next door to Yesss Electrical, which you'll be able to see when you drive down Stores Road. Turn into Jubilee Parkway off Stores Road, then take the first left into the car park where Yesss Electrical, Bennetts and Concept Decor.