Shadows and Dust - A 1 Day Legions Imperialis Event

Sale price£25.00


21st September 2024

Trophies, Custom Dice and Custom Pin Badges for the winners.

Participation dice for every player.

Price includes food (Dominos Personal Pizza)

List Building

You need a 2000pt army conforming to the standard rules for Legions Imperialis (600pts of Allies) 

Please note: All miniatures should be painted to a minimum battle ready standard.

Restrictions/House Rules

  • Vehicles with the Transport Keyword may not be issued with the charge order.
  • Buildings will not be within 3” of any objectives.

Event Schedule:

  • 0900hrs - 0930hrs Arrival and Registration
  • 0930hrs - 1230hrs - Round 1
  • 1230hrs - 1300hrs Dinner
  • 1300hrs - 16000hrs Round 2
  • 1600hrs - 1900hrs Round 3
  • 1900hrs - 1915hrs Prize Giving

If you can bring a table's worth of terrain please email to let him know, and you will be in with a chance of winning Best Table Award.