Infinity Series - Mind

Sale price£20.00


Saturday 8th October

Registration 9-10am
Round 1 starts 10am

Welcome to the Infinity Series Mind event hosted at Boards and Swords Hobbies. Up to 48 players will be battling it out to claim the Mind Gem!

£20 per ticket, this includes lunch (Dominos individual pizza).

4 rounds to be played throughout the day. Longshanks will be used for the event and the first tiebreaker will be strength of schedule. If you don't want to play a friend in the first round make sure you are using the friends setting on Longshanks.

Power dials cannot be used in the event. 3rd party movement tools such as Cog O Two are allowed.

The format for the event is Standard Timeline which means the banned and restricted list on the Atomic Mass website will be used. Characters can only be used once they have been added to the official affiliation document on the Atomic Mass website.

Players will need to bring a standard roster of 10 characters, 10 tactics cards and 3 of each crisis. Rosters need to be fully painted.

Lists will need to be submitted on Longshanks and printed out to bring along on the day. The Longshanks event link will be live 2 weeks before the event and will be updated here and on the FB event.

Prizes will be BASH store credit. The first and second prize will be split between the two undefeated players as a much fairer way to distribute the top prize! The player who ranks highest overall will get the Mind Gem badge on Longshanks!

Additional prizes will be for 3rd place, best painted and most sporting.