Digimon Battle of Omni Prerelease event

Sale price£25.00


Sunday 15th August 2021
10:00 registration
10:30 start

£25 per person, 16 spaces available. This event will be done as an in store event, no kits will be posted out.

You will get 6 booster packs to build your deck. You'll also get a participation card 'Kimeramon' to include in your deck. You will also get a participation pack containing 2 cards.

There is a Silver Foil parallel Design AeroVeedramon card for the winner of the event.

There will be a limited number of BT05 Battle of Omni booster boxes available at prerelease. There will be a ticket option to get a ticket and a booster box combined.

To comply with the Covid guidelines it will be done in pods of 4-6. You will stay with your pod for the entire event playing everyone in it.

Face masks will be required at all times whilst you are in the store. You may remove your mask if you and your opponent agree that it's ok.

Hand sanitiser will be available at each table.