Commander Legends Battle for Baldurs Gate prerelease

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Welcome to the Commander Legends: Battle for Baldurs Gate prerelease events giving you an early chance to get your hands on the cards from this crossover set of Magic the Gathering.

A ticket to one of these events gets you a prerelease pack with 3 booster packs, a promo card, dungeon card and a d20.

This prerelease is slightly different as it's a casual draft event. You will draft in pods of around 8, picking 2 cards each time. You will then build a 60 card deck, ignoring the usual 1 copy of a card limit for commander.

You will then play pick up games using the commander rules in around groups of 4.

Everyone will get 2 booster packs at the end of the event as a prize.

The events are taking place on the following dates and times

  • Friday 3th June - 7pm start - 10pm finish
  • Sunday 5th June - 10:30am start - 1:30pm finish
  • Tuesday 7th June - 7pm start - 10pm finish


Please note, there will be no prerelease packs to purchase until the events have finished (that's if any are left over!). The expectation is that you intend to take part in the event. We may refund people who want to solely take a prerelease pack home as we want as many people as possible to play the in store event.

Dropping from the event means you do not get additional prize booster packs.