Act of Vengeance - MCP 2 day event

Sale price£35.00


14th-15th May 2022

Registration 9:30am on the Saturday

3 rounds per day. 90 mins per round + 15 mins set up each round.

Free parking on site (please do not park in front of either Concept Decor or Duo Kitchens and Bathrooms)

Lunch is included on both days, it will be an individual pizza from Dominos. We'll get the orders from the players at registration. 

You will need to bring the following.

- 10 characters for your team
- Team tactics cards
- Crisis cards, 3 secure, 3 extraction
- Movement tools and range rulers
- Dice

Prizes include trophies, dice and store credit. There will be an award for best painted and most sporting.

Booking tickets will be essential.

Event is subject to the current Covid-19 guidelines. We will contact the players taking part if anything changes and we can't put the event on.

Tickets are non-refundable if less than 24 hours before the event is due to start