Armada Acrylic Template Set

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Armada Acrylic Template set Information

Armada is a naval wargame set in the world of best-selling fantasy battle game, Kings of War. Based on the Black Seas ruleset by Warlord Games, Armada takes historical naval battles and gives them an epic fantasy twist. 

Players command a fleet of six to nine ships to capture terrifying sea monsters, unleash devastating broadsides against their opponent, upgrade their ships with arcane magic and execute daring boarding actions. Each faction has been brought to life with stunning resin boats.

Upgrade your games of Armada with the deluxe acrylic template set. Includes acrylic versions of the measuring stick, wind rose, turning arc and firing arc, which are all used throughout play.


  • 1x acrylic measuring stick
  • 1x acrylic wind rose
  • 1x acrylic turning arc
  • 1x acrylic firing arc

Please Note:

  • One Armada Acrylic Template set supplied.